Worship at Saint James!

All of our worship services offer a weaving together of varying musical styles and elements to praise God and be open to the Holy Spirit. Our diverse musical genres include gospel, spirituals, hymns, anthems and praise music. The common element in each Sunday service is ” The New Generation Praise Team” which includes vocalists and a praise band comprised of a keyboardist, drummer, and bassist. Liturgical dance and mime ministry minister during these services.

Sermon content for our worship services is selected to help believers and “those yet to come,” to apply practical Christian principles to everyday life. Whether worshipping at  10 am service or a holiday service  we strive to be a warm, welcoming community, displaying an attitude of joy and thanksgiving. We believe that our singing, praying,dancing, and preaching is to be done with “energy, imagination and love.” We seek to be enthusiastic in our worship out of gratitude for what God has done through Jesus Christ. Psalm 100 reminds us to “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His Courts with Praise.” It is to this end that we joyfully worship the Lord!