Ministries and Programs of the Discipleship Team

The Discipleship Team comprises of ministries focusing on all aspects of Christian education. Active elders (those currently serving on the Session) provide leadership for this area along with volunteers who desire to work with the team. Contact the Discipleship Team.


Sunday School – The Sunday School provides a wholesome Sunday morning education experience for children to adults.

Nursery The nursery provides a loving, safe environment for children needing nursery care during worship andat various events.

Leadership Training –  Quarterly leadership training is available for officers, leaders and those who desire to grow in leadership skills. Training is offered 1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, 3rd Quarter and 4th Quarter.

Bible Studies – Current bible studies are offered on Wednesday via special seasons such as Advent, Monday morning, Monday evening, and through Presbyterian Women.  Wednesdays mid-day members of the congregation lead these Bible Studies.

Presbyterian Women – Presbyterian Women  provide spiritual support and mission opportunities for women in the church. SJPC Presbyterian Women. Presbyterian Women have several circles or small groups named after the heroines at SJPC.

Presbyterian Men’s Council – Currently men of SJPC are re-establishing the purpose and scope of their ministry. Traditionally, Presbyterian Men meet for prayer, bible study and fellowship. They also provide hands on support for various ministries including  the Jail Ministry.