Join a Circle &  

Enjoy the Fellowship!

youngcircleThe Presbyterian Women’s Ministry (PW), to which all women of the church belong, is dedicated to helping women become ever stronger women of God, and true followers  of His word.

PW meets on the second Sunday of the month, September through May to discuss issues  and share concerns that affect women of faith. PW is the umbrella of the  nine circles which        support the purpose of Presbyterian Women. Each circle offers small group Bible study, fellowship and opportunity to socialize with women in the church.  See Photos from Women’s Weekend 2015.

Below are our nine  women’s circle groups:


Sarah Barber 1st Sundays
Grace Brown 4th Saturdays
Estelle Eaton 3rd Thursdays
Lucy Laney 4th Wednesdays
Roxie McNair 3rd Thursdays
Essie BMeares 3rd Sundays
Estelle Miller 3rd Saturdays
Marie Florance Presbyettes 3rd Sundays
Susan Young